Mickey's Linocuts, Drawings & Monoprints

Photography, Graphic Design Skills, Illstration skills and carving images is just the beginning of the process' Mickey devises to create her fine art.

The linocut is numbered, dated and signed by the artist. All prints are hand pulled with no mechanically reproduced work.

Mickey mingles painting, drawing and printmaking in her monoprints. Thes prints are not numbered. Every print is different since they are individually painted.

The artist carves images from battelship linoleum. Her main cutting tools are Japanese Carving Tools, drummels, heatlamps and of course the trusty x-acto blade. Just remember to always cut away from you, tie your hair back and wear safety glasses.



Champ Linocut Universal Love Pastel Dahlia Dance Monoprint
Hardy Linocut Foxglove pastel drawing Daffodil Monoprint
Al Linocut Dreamweaver Pastel Behold Salmon Pink Monoprint
Penny Linocut Behold (cobalt blue) Monoprint Dahlia Burst Monoprint
Human Touch Linocut Conception Monoprint (ochre) Dahlia Study Moss Green Monoprint
MONOPRINT Catch of the Day (green) Monoprint Dahlia Study Monoprint (terra cotta)
Deuce Linocut Behold Paynes Grey Monoprint Deuce Monoprint
Catfish Monoprint Behold Monoprint Catch of the Day
Human Link Monoprint Bock Choy Reductive Linocut Conception Monoprint
Red Dahlia Eggplant Reductive Print Dahlia Study Violet Monoprint
Pink Dreamer Peachy Arcadia Monoprint
Bud (blue) Monoprint Peppers Kingfisher Monoprint
Catfish Ochre Monoprint Green Lovebirds Bud Monoprint

Blue Herron

Dahlia Study Indigo Monoprint Limbo Orange
Limbo Blue Tortuga Powerless Linocut

Block Print