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Mick's Media LLC

Mickey Started freelancing as a sign designer in '1993. In the beginning she would drive to the sign companies and design "on location" later as the "information super highway" began to pick up steam, Mickey soon realized that commuting was not required anymore and she started freelancing from her studio.

Mickey has designed a wide variety of signeage throughout her career. She helped with projects from high rise buildings in New York City, to San Francisco's warf and up North to Seattles shopping centers. The internet let's Mickey become a freelance graphic artist from coast to coast!

Walking out her back door there waits her beautifil art studio. It's priceless loving what you do for a living. Having her studio close creativity can come anytime and be ready.

Mickey knows how to DRAW and uses her wacom to achieve great drawings. All her images are vector drawings (unless otherwise specified), she creates so that all designs will work with routers, vinyl machines and full size digitally printed graphics as well.

After 17 years of designing Mickey usually beats out the competition. Sign Companies don't have to worry about files not being clean to cut from or make patterns.

Combining fine art and commercial art make Mickey's sign designs stand out among the competition. Creative in the Sign Business is different then print artists. They have to take into consideration fabrication methods, code allowance, materials, electrical, LED or neon elemants. It's a combination between drawing, sculpture, light, shadows and relfection and of course what the customer wants.

Mickey can design any kind of sign from 50' tall pylon signs, LED displays, neon signs, channel letters, halo letters, flag mount signs, gas station signs, inerior wayfinding signs, sign code, sign permit drawings with plot plans.

Freelance Sign Design can free up a small sign shop from the "high cost" of a full time art department.

The Sign Designer trade is quite interesting one. If you ask a print graphic designer to layout an illuminated buillding sign they would not know what materials to use and fabrication methods.

Sign Companies need the sign drawings to also be a blueprint for fabrication. Mickey thinks in this way, she designs to-build and that is a barrier for print designers.

Mickey's formal fine art education and background is from printmaking and drawing which she received her BFA (Bachelors of Fine Art) degree from Marylhurst University. Mickey also draws with a wacom and makes everything vector for clean lines.

Conceptual artists and designers are a rare breed. When one can visualize the final product before it is completed, the design process is a true gift and talent to be used in ways to bring in new customers with her fabulous concep[tual professional designs.


No excuses here... we get'r done!